Fethiye – Kekova 2 Weeks


COORDINATES 36°32.36’N-29°00.31’E
Fethiye is the fastest-growing yachting base in Mediterranean Sea. The town lies in SE corner of the Gulf of Fethiye, hidden under Fethiye (Şövalye) Island. On approaching; Batıkkaya and Topyalak Burnu will be abeam on straboard, Fethiye Island, Point Çapariz and Sunken Shipwreck Buouy will be on port.There are 10-13m depths in the bay, it gradually get shelves to the east side and the shoal area is marked with two beacons. The shoreline along Point Çapariz ends by Aksaz Cove. Aksaz Cove affords all-round shelter. Boats drop anchor and swing. The bottom is muddy which provides excellent holding. You may have some difficulty rasing your anchor. It is advisable to rig a trip line on your anchor, it will make it much easier to raise.

Fethiye is an entry-exit port.Fethiye provides all-round shelter except in heavy northerlies. A long quay by the ferry port has berthing capacity up to 120 boats and it is administrated by the municipality (Phone; 252 614 35 39). Water and electricty connections are available, fuel can be obtained from a tanker truck. The quay gets crowded by excurison boats and gullets in summer. The settings behind the quay is attractive. There are several ancient Lycian rock tombs on the hillsides. The amphitheatre by the harbour, the archaeological museum in the town and abandoned village of Kayaköy (Karmylassos) are worth visiting.

All sort of provisions are available in Fethiye. The renovated, former Paspatur district has fascinating shops, bars and restaurants. Grocery and fish markets are located here. You can buy fruit, vegetable and fresh fish at reasonable prices. The public market takes place on Fridays.

Mechanical and electrical works can be carried out in the workshops in the industrial zone. Fethiye is easily accessible by air and road. There are regular bus services available for most destinations in Turkey. Dalaman Airport is 50 km from Fethiye.

Diving courses and tours are organized. There are attractive diving spots in the region.

Fethiye carries typical Mediterrenean climate conditions.


COORDINATES36°33’20.00″ N – 29°4’4.00″ E
CHART NO313-236 B.Adm.

The prettiest anchorage on the north of Gemiler Island. There are good depths along the shoreline accross the island. The bottom is weed-sand-rock. You can anchor drop anchor and take a line ashore. Care is needed when dropping the hook. Ease your chain line as much as possible. To rig a trip line on your anchor will be safe and it will make it mush easier to raise.

The shoreline is wooded in olive trees. The hillsides are covered by ruins from the Byzantine era. A path climbs the hills. The ruins of Lycian tombs are in attractive settings that help you imagine what the place was like in ancient times.These anchorages are very crowded in summer. Excursion boats constantly churn in and out of the bay. It is better to arrive in late afternoon and leave before noon time the next day.

COORDINATES 36°15’33.85″ N – 29°24’52.85″ E

Main breakwater head: ucu F.R
Sheltering breakwater R.G
VHF: 16
Port administration phone: 242 – 844 31 35 or 0539 – 939 07 08

Kalkan Limanı is on the NW corner of the bay. It affords adequate sheltering up to 30 boats from the southerlies. Strong southerlies send swell in. There is 5 to 9 m depth in the inlet. The bottom is sand. Anchor fore-and-aft, as there is little room to swing here, and try to avoid entangling your anchor with those of the craft lying on the opposite quays.

The municipality manages the port. Bilge charge discharge service is provided. There’s an additional fee to take a shower. Water and electricity connections are available. Laundry service is also provided. Fuel is obtained from a tanker truck.Provisions are available from the markets. Bank ATMs, cargo companies’ offices, pharmacies and State Clinic are within the town. Snorkeling facilities are impressive around the bay. Diving tours are arranged.

Kalkan is a lovely hilltop town that overlooks a tiny bay. The architecture of the houses that line its narrow, winding streets is unique. Kalkan is a favorite destination for British tourists. There are cozy pubs, restaurants and shopping facilities, managed by British residents.

Most provisions can be found in the town. The public market takes place on Thursdays. You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables as well as daily dairy products. Regular transportation facilities are available to Fethiye – 83 km and Kaş – 26 km.

Three important Lycian cities – Xantos, Letoon and and Patara – are 30 km from Kalkan. You can hire a taxi to visit these sites, and enjoy swimming in turquoise waters.

COORDINATES 36°11’44.04″ N – 29°38’35.07″ E
CHART NO 313-321-3211-3131

Port breakwater head Fl.R.5s.10m.2M

A shelter opposite by Kaş Municipality building, managed by local administration, has mooring capacity up to 20 visiting boats. The depth in the inlet is 5 – 8 m. There are a few laid mooring lines where you can pick up. A Coast Guard vessel berths on the inner quay Water and electricity connections are provided.Bilge discharge and laundry services are available within the shelter. Fuel is obtained from a tanker truck. All sort of provisions are available from the markets. Bank ATMs, cargo companies’ offices, pharmacies and State Clinic are within the town.Several sites from ancient city; Antiphellos and Lycian sarcophaguses are worth visiting

There is limited availability of yachting equipment or spares in Kaş. There are two chandleries in the town. The public market takes place on Fridays, at which you can find most provisions. Regular transportation services are available to Kemer – 29 km, Antalya – 185km and Dalaman International Airport – 150km.

Kaş is a unique town to explore. Hotels, bars and several restaurants are located near to shelter.

Kaş is a booming center for diving. Scuba diving courses are available. There are nearly 30 colorful diving spots in the region. Diving courses are regularly organized; nearly 15 diving schools are arranging courses in summer and winter.
Kaş is also very attractive spot for Para-gliders. The facilities are well maintained.

Canoe activity is becoming popular in Kaş, tours are organized for visitors.

Excursion boats between Kaş and Meis Island (3 NM) are always available.


COORDINATES 36°11’18.69″ N – 29°51’42.23″ E

Kaleköy, is one of the most beautiful sights in Kekova. The bay is at the foot of the castle.On approaching from the east, care is needed for the shallows and sea – level rocks in the vicinity. There are about 10 – 15 meters depths in the anchorages by the village. There are 3 – 4 meters depth at the head of the piers of the restaurants. The piers of the restaurants afford berthing capacity up to 20 boats. Water and electricity can be obtained. Strong westerlies push swell in and the piers don’t really look beefy enough.

Kekova has been taken under 1st class preservation programme. New constructions are strictly prohibited.Kaleköy and the settlements around were part of ancient Lycian city ‘Simena’ dating from 4th century B.C. The settlements were collapsed by the earthquakes and now is a sunken city.You should climb up to the castle and witness the stupendous view of nature and history.

It is worth sitting in the little theatre and gaze out over the bay of Kekova. This medieval castle was used by Byzantines. The theatre is carved into the rocks.

Kaleköy is one the popular spots for the tripper boats from Kaş, Üçağız and Demre. The best is to come early in the morning and stroll around ruins and leave, or to come late afternoon in settled weather at 5 p.m.


COORDINATES 36°15’33.85″ N – 29°24’52.85″ E
COORDINATES 36°3’47″N – 29°0’58″E

A creek indenting to the west is called as Soğuksu Limanı. A bight on S between the rocks, allows room for just two boats. There is a cool spring on W where swimming is a real delight. There is a nice beach at the head of the cove. Boats drop anchor in 6-8m off the beach and take a line ashore. The bay is open to southerlies.

The settings are attractive and this anchorage is very popular. This pretty bay used to be the port for Kayaköy village. A path goes up to hill to the abandoned village. A tomb from Lycians is on the hill.It is better to arrive in late afternoon and leave before noon the next day.


COORDINATES 36°38’25”N- 28°51’19”E

This creek looks like a pool. The bottom is thick weed. Boats drop anchor in 10-15m off the south or west sides and take a line ashore.

The prevailing wind blows from the strait and causes swell, but it has a welcome cooling effect in summer. A restaurant stands among the olive trees, to starboard as you enter. A wooden pier of the restaurant offers berthing capacity up to 25 boats.

A demolished wall, buit to protect ancient settlements in Kapıdağ Peninsula. It is still in good condition.Kapı Koyu is a cool anchorage and the settings are very attaractive. The anchorages are always loaded by visitors.


COORDINATES 36°41’44.17″ N – 28°52’2.58″ E

Taşkaya Cove lies on NE of Taşkaya Islet. Taşkaya is a popular destination in Göcek.There are number anchorages in this large bay. Depths are 10-15m. Boats drop anchor and take a line ashore. A bight next to jetty and NW corner are adeqaute anchorages. The water is very clear and the surroundings are wonderful.

A low finger on the NW corner with Lycian ruins extends and features pretty beach where you can anchor or go stern-to the T-pier of the restaurant among pine and oleander trees. This pier has berthing capacity up to 25 boats. There is a barber shop within the restaurant. This side is also an attractive spot with steep surrondings covered by pine and olive trees.

There is a well with pure water to starboard as you enter, you can fill your tanks there. You will also see the symbol of Taşkaya. Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu was one of the first modern sailor to discover Göcek. He painted a fish figure on the rocks here, and made remarkable contribution to promoting the Blue Voyage concept in Turkey.

Look up and you will see the kite mosaics on the rocks made by Azra Erhat, who also worked hard to encourage sailors to come and see the paradise. You will also note Lycian sarcophagi on the steep cliffs and rough path that leads to the village Kilisebelen. There is curative spring water nearby the restaurant and its inhabitants arrive in summer.

Taşkaya is an attractive destination for the visitors with its settings.


COORDINATES 36°40’31.79″ N – 28°54’54.69″ E

Tersane Adası is the largest island in Göcek Bay. The bay on NW affords all-round shelter. The entrance of the bay is not easily identified from a distance. The entrance lies between two steep slopes. There is good depth in the strait, mostly 20m and the depths drop 5-10m in the cove.

The bottom is sand-weed. The bottom gradually shelves to shore, and ends in a pool. Care is needed at night. It gets swell from the strait. Ease your chain as much as possible. The northern and southern corners are adequate anchorages to be tucked up with a line ashore.Tersane Koyu is a winter port, providing all-round shelter. The settings are attractive.

There is a pretty restaurant and a quay where berthing is available up to 15 boats. There are laid moorings tailed on quay. The ruins ashore are from the anchient boatyard settelements. A number of goats live on the island, their voice is higher pitched at night.

This anchorage gets crowded by excursion boats by noon time, but it is calm and quite at night. It is better to arrive in late and leave before noon the next day.

TersaneTersane 2

COORDINATES 36°36’52.00″ N – 29°3’15.00″ E
CHART NO 313-3122-1886 B.Adm.

Turunç Pınarı is on SE corner of Point; Şahin Burnu on E shore of the Gulf Fethiye. Pine trees line the shore. There is clear turquoise water, and ends in a sandy beach.A cozy restaurant is hidden under attractive surroundings. There is a pier of the restaurant with berthing capacity up to 15 boats.

There are laid moorings tailed on pier. Water is available and some provisions can be found from the restaurant.There is tasty spring water under a walnut tree on the hillside.The western shoreline provides good shelter from the prevailing wind. Boats drop anchor off the beach in 20-25m and take a line ashore. Ease your chain longer, but keep some distance off the shore. There are sea-level rocks in the vicinity, but they are easily spotted.Bali massage relaxation is under the arbor.

Turunç Pınarı is not accesible by land.