Who is IYT Worldwide ?

International Yacht Training Worldwide (IYT) was established in 1997 and since has trained over 15,000 students.

IYT offers commercial and recreational yacht training for power and sailing vessels. The company started in Florida, USA and developed a modular format of recreational training courses that are accepted by major national registries and governments, they refer to these courses as the “International Boating & Sailing Passport”.

IYT manages a worldwide programme licensing other schools to deliver IYT Worldwide recreational and commercial courses. All IYT Partner Schools are monitored and inspected annually to maintain a high standard of delivery and are authorised to .

IYT courses are designed to meet all training needs from entry level novices to fully qualified professional yacht captains. IYT is a recognised global brand benefiting from a worldwide network. Courses were created in the English language but can be delivered in Turkish as well.